Moss In-Line Dripper - 13mm

Code: G600
  • Water your plants exactly at their point of need.
  • Saves water be preventing evaporation, run off and wind wastage.
  • Quick and easy to create your own drip line system.
  • Box of 25 In-Line Drippers

Price: $7.50



The Moss InLine Drip system is simple and easy to set up. You garden will be watered exactly where it needs it the most by releasing 4 litres per hour. Our product is designed to be economical and efficient buy reducing run off, evaporation and wind wastage. Product can be used in conjunction with other Moss Drippers to suit all your irrigation needs.


Cut your 13 mm polytube where you would like the dripper. Place the Moss InLineDripper into the cut tube. It does not matter which end of the dripper or tube is installed first. Push the tube all the way to the stops on both sides of the InLine Dripper. To ensure optimum results from your drip irrigation system install a pressure regulator and by covering your DripLine with mulch you can further limit evaporation.


Packaged: 21 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm

Individual: 16 cm x 1.3 cm Diameter


Pack of 25 InLine Drippers

Water usage of 4 L/h @ 150 kPa

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