Moss Large Spinner Spray Head

Code: G371
  • Solid metal large full circle spinner has a 360 degree rotating pattern. 
  • Good choice for watering large landscapes and garden areas. 
  • Has "easy grip" wings for easier installation.
  • Attach to spike bodies or threaded risers
  • Internal thread is 1/2 inch BSP

Price: $6.90



A solid metal spinner spray head giving an even spray pattern.

Attach to Moss Spike Bodies which anchor them firmly in place in garden beds. Raise the spray above plant foliage with Moss Extension Tubes.

Ideal for use in wide garden beds where you want water a large area. The spray heads create a large to medium droplet size with very good wind resistance.


  • 3cm Dia x 6.5cm (H)
  • Internal Thread 1/2 Inch BSP
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