Moss Tee Spike - 19mm - 1/2"

Code: G30
  • Solid metal tee spike
  • Tee spike inlet connection
  • Connects to poly tube via barbed inlet
  • Best suited for use in garden beds or landscaped areas

Price: $7.50



Moss metal sprinkler spikes are an excellent choice when looking for a strong, reliable metal irrigation system. This spike is ideally suited for use in garden beds or landscaped areas. The inline shape allows the spike to be spliced into a poly pipe system any where along it's length and pushed directly into the soil. 

The tee spike features two barbed ends and is able to be set up in minutes by simply pushing on the poly pipe & clamping with a ratchet clamp. The spikes are supplied without spray heads so you are able to attach the style that best suits your watering requirements.


  • Height: 18cm
  • Sprinkler Thread: 1/2 Inch
  • Barbed Inlets: 19mm
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