Twin Cascading Pot - Terracotta

Code: GP0162

  • Perfect planter for your patio or verandah where it can be hung or placed it on a flat surface. 
  • Contains two separate planting sections, ideal for creating colouring floral displays or miniature herb gardens.
  • The pots also contain Moss' innovative self watering design. 
  • Each section containing its own water reservoir ensuring that plants maintaing their moistness for days.
  • The pots are also available in a range of colours.

Price: $20.00


Getting Started

Select a suitable location to hang or place your Cascading Pot.

Place the large reservoir insert into the large pot aligning the the feeder inlet. Plant your seeds or seedlings in the large pot. 

Place the small pot on top on the plastic tripod and insert the remaining reservoir insert. Use the 3 wing nuts to lock the two sections together. Now plant your seeds or seedlings in the small upper pot.

The Moss Twin Cascading Pot is designed such that you can grow your plants in your choice of media such as potting mix, vermiculite, perlite, coco fibre or rockwool.


Check the water level regularly and top up the lower pot through the water hole or through the pot. The upper pot is replenished through the pot itself.


1 Large Lower Basket

1 Small Upper Basket

1 Large Reservoir Insert

1 Small Reservoir Insert

3 Locking Wing Nuts


Packaged: 270mm Dia. x 150mm

Assembled: 270mm Dia. x 230mm

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