Growing Baskets

Code: GP0312

The Healthy Green Growing Baskets are designed to hold your plants in place in the Healthy Green Growing Tray. They are designed to allow your plants root system to grow through the fine slits in the baskets, allowing it access to the soluble nutrient system below. 

A set of Healthy Green Growing Baskets should last your several harvests, although eventually you may wish to replace them with a new set. The Healthy Green Growing Baskets come in a pack of ten.

Price: $5.00



  • Pack of 10 seedling baskets.
  • Allow root systems access the nutrient solution.
  • Simple to use and install.



  • Packed: 7cm Dia x 18cm High
  • Basket Size: 6.5cm Dia x 8cm High
  • Quantity: 10 per pack


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The Healthy Green Roll-Ups are specifically designed to replace the need for soil in your growing system. Each Roll-Ups contain a balanced mix of nutrients and essential trace elements designed to ensure your plants strong growth.

Each time you want to change over your Healthy Green Crop you will need to change over your set of Healthy Green Roll-Ups. Roll up your next crop of seedlings or seeds, drop them in the growing tray, and your away.

No digging, weeding or fertilizing! It is just so easy!